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Law Enforcement

School Violence Programs

School Violence Programs

ARC³ Corporation provides detailed school violence prevention, planning and response programs that are custom tailored to each educational institution’s specific needs and objectives.

Depending on the institution’s requirements, ARC³’s School Violence Prevention and Response Programs typically include:

  • Detailed campus risk assessment and site security surveys
  • Evaluation of existing on-campus security posture, capability & programs
  • Evaluation of existing emergency/tactical response plans & programs
  • Security awareness training for teachers, staff & employees
  • Security awareness programs for the student body
  • ‘Violent Incident’ response, planning and training
  • First Responder training & coordination (local law enforcement/medical)
  • Development of emergency response & law enforcement mutual aid plans

Student & Staff Security Awareness

Instructor speaking to students

ARC³ can provide detailed security awareness programs in almost any forum, including both campus-wide and individual classroom environments. These security awareness training programs incorporate reality-based guidance and information to students and staff in identifying, preventing and responding to both violent and non-violent campus emergency incidents.

Threat & Vulnerability Assessment

Threat vulnerability response

It is an unfortunate truth in today’s society, but the school or college campus is no longer the ‘safe haven’ of past history, immune from the realities and concerns of the everyday world that we all live in today. ARC³’s team of highly skilled and experienced security specialists can evaluate and identify specific threat and other potential hazards to the physical plant and on-campus student body, staff and visitors.

Violent Incident

Violent incident response

ARC³’s highly knowledgeable team of law enforcement professionals can evaluate existing on and off-campus law enforcement and tactical response plans, and measure these efforts against ‘real world’ experience, and the realistic needs and obligations of today’s campus administrators.

Emergency Response Planning

Emergency response planning

ARC³ can assist the educational institution in identifying, evaluating and developing a thoughtful, comprehensive and practical emergency response plan. This joint effort will address the gamut of potential hazards, including such things as off-campus incidents that may have a negative impact or outcome to the campus, as well as on-campus violence, hazardous spill/toxic environmental incidents, natural disasters or other unusual or unanticipated hazards to people or facilities located on campus.

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