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Specialized Programs

ARC³ can provide specific tactical training packages to meet the needs and mission requirements of the special operations community. We offer everything from the latest weapons and tactics training scenarios, to the current IED threat. ARC³ can provide reality-based pre-deployment training for all operator specialties. This includes urban operations, sniper/counter sniper, mobile force protection and HRE operating tactics, techniques and procedures, as well as a variety of other training modules.

Urban Warfare

Urban warfare

This program provides tactical training modules geared specifically to the challenges of conducting high tempo tactical operations in a populated urban environment. Detailed module content includes the latest tactics, techniques and procedures for meeting the unique mission demands of the special operations community. Particular emphasis is placed on the latest ‘lessons learned’ in the Middle East AO-“what works and what doesn’t”.

Sniper / Counter Sniper

Sniper / Counter Sniper

This course addresses the effective Military use of the Tactical Carbine or Precision Rifle. The emphasis is on quick, accurate use of the weapon in the tactical Military environment. Engagement ranges vary from 100 meters to 600 meters.

Training modules provide the sniper/counter sniper team with ‘lessons learned’ in Afghanistan and Iraq, as well as other worldwide operating areas. The latest in counter sniper operating environment experience, will assist the team in its planning and response to the increasingly effective insurgent sniper threat identified by recently deployed units.

The standard ‘off-the-shelf’ three-day course will develop mastery of 39 specific skills sets necessary for the Operator to safely and effectively operate in the current sniper / counter sniper battle space. Shorter and longer course versions, at varying ranges, can be structured as required by the deployed AO, or as requested.

High Risk Environment

High Risk Environment

These training packages are specifically designed around the operating areas where the unit is to be deployed. By way of example, complete training packages have included both non-lethal and live fire tactical training in hazardous chem/bio atmospheres while wearing Hazmat Level III suits.

Protective Operations Training

Protective Operations Training

Military units are increasingly tasked with providing personal protection to dignitaries, special visitors and senior command staff, but few have the background and knowledge appropriate for such tasking. This ‘off-the-shelf’ training course provides detailed information, experience and training for units engaged in the close protection of high-value individuals in potentially hostile environments.

This 10-day, 100 hour, 11 Phase course is structured to provide security detail personnel with a clear understanding of the principles of protective operations.

Sample topics include:

  • Threat profiles
  • Protocols
  • Intelligence collection & analysis
  • Site & route surveys
  • Advance procedures & planning
  • Surveillance detection
  • Threat types (including IED’s)
  • Driving techniques & skills
  • Motorized/walking operations
  • Formations, protective drills & legal considerations

Mobile Force Protection

Mobile force unit protecting neighborhood

The planning and execution of small unit convoy operations in hostile operating environments are the foundation of this training package. Training scenarios include mobile ambush and IED attacks, and response and disengagement tactics and techniques. Emphasis is placed on real world convoy operations and experience. This ‘off-the-shelf’ training package consists of a five-day, 15 phase high tempo program.

Topics include development of individual weapon skills, including technical and tactical handgun shooting techniques, technical and tactical rifle shooting techniques, vehicle familiarization, rough terrain driving skills, advanced tactical driving techniques, fundamentals scenarios & exercises, tactical attack response exercises and vehicle-based live fire scenarios & exercises. Final program event consists of full mission profile exercises, including ‘lessons learned’ final debrief.

Maritime Interdiction

Maritime Interdiction

ARC³ can provide a custom designed package of maritime security initiatives, including specialized training in the interdiction, boarding and seizure of vessels under hostile control, or carrying contraband or suspect cargos. The range of available services includes anti-piracy force training, techniques and tactics.

Combining the expertise of a number of strategic partners, ARC³ can also assist in the identification, design and deployment of a range of technology-based maritime identification and sensor packages, for surveillance and interdiction operations conducted in the littoral security zone.

Each Maritime Interdiction program is custom-tailored the meet the mission requirements, operating environment and threats unique to the maritime security force. Course length varies, based on specific unit needs and desires, but a typical program encompasses 21 days, conducted in the security force’s operating area.

Upon completion of this program the Maritime Tactical Operator will demonstrate knowledge and understanding of the techniques, tactics, procedures and equipment relative to both Individual and Team Tactical Operations in a Maritime environment. The unit will posses the capability to conduct operations in both permissive and non-permissive tactical environments, and will have exhaustively demonstrated and validated these capabilities during full mission profile exercises and simulations.

Broad topical content includes Individual skill assessment and development in 4 distinct skill sets, team skill development in 14 distinct categories, and lastly, Tactical Operations in the Maritime environment contained in 9 separate training modules, all too numerous to list here. Contact ARC³ for complete course details.

Border Security

Camel caravan

ARC³ can provide specialized training for small rapid-deployment military units engaged in border security and cross-border interdiction operations in remote areas. Whether the border incursion threat is drugs, weapons or people, ARC³ can provide a custom tailored program of training, tactics, procedures and specialized equipment to maximize the effectiveness of the unit’s interdiction efforts. Small unit tactics, weapons selection & deployment, command, control, coordination and intelligence integration can be included in the program, as requested.

Driving; Off-Road & On-Road

On & Off-Road driving

Training modules include small unit on and off-road driving skills in hostile environments. Various training scenarios include IED and ambush attacks, vehicle field repairs and rollover prevention & upset training, in a challenging off-road operating environment. This is a ‘hands on’, ‘how-to do-it’ warfighter training program, currently used by deployed units. On-road (paved) offensive and defensive driving programs are also available, tailored to specific unit needs and mission requirements.

Specialized Equipment & Weapons

specialized equipment

ARC³ can provide a range of training opportunities in a variety of foreign and domestic weapon systems.

Contact us to discuss your specific needs.

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