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Law Enforcement

Tactical Operations

Tactical operations

ARC³ can provide a wide range of the ‘off the shelf’ tactical operations training packages, as well as those officers routinely engaged in unique tactical and high-risk activities. These may include high risk warrant service, gang and drug teams and other tactical/special response units.

Tactical Operations Course

Tactical operations course

This two-phase program is structured to teach the circumstances, techniques, tactics, skills and equipment relevant to police tactical team operations.

Phase I topics include missions, risk assessment procedures, critical incident response planning, team composition, threats, individual and team skills, assault procedures and techniques, communication and coordination, breaching, entry techniques, close quarters engagements, and building clearing and searches.

Phase II progresses into special threats, ballistic shield use, vehicle assaults, special protective equipment and procedures, tactical operations in chemical, hazardous material, WMD/WME environments, IED’s, officer/subject rescue techniques, and multiple environment operations.

Active Shooter Response

Actoive shooter response

Active shooter training is designed to prepare responding patrol officers for an active shooter incident. Emphasis is placed on the critical timelines relevant to active shootings and the need to aggressively deploy to neutralize a shooter in school, workplace or other public environment.

Sample topics include case reviews, response tactics, tactical surveys, breaching, movement, room entry, communications and coordination, and scene management. Practical exercises are conducted at typical event locations.

Building Entry & Room Combat

Buyilding Entry / Room Combat

These programs are offered at various experience and skill levels and are structured to teach the skills, techniques, tactics and procedures for entering and controlling structures, rooms and other confined spaces.

Topics include approach and tactical deployment, breaching techniques, movement in confined spaces, teamwork, communications and control procedures, systematic entry, dynamic entry, and engagement/assault techniques.

Police Sniper & Counter Sniper

police sniper

This course is designed to train and develop the skills relevant to police use of the precision rifle. In addition to teaching the fundamentals of precision marksmanship, the course focuses on the common conditions and unique circumstances relevant to police precision rifle use. Exercises and drills are structured to reflect realistic conditions and are oriented to urban, suburban and rural environments as the customer’s primary operating area dictates.

Sample topics include missions, marksmanship, ballistics, firing positions, observation and intelligence gathering, moving and multiple target engagement, engagement thru barriers, movement and a variety of reality based stress drills.

Improvised Explosive Devices

Improvised Explosive Device

Current international and domestic U.S. intelligence tells us that both the insurgents, and the necessary bomb-making technology, have relocated to this country. Transnational terrorists with extensive training in the construction and deployment of improvised explosive devices (IED’s) are currently living in this country. Most importantly, anyone with access to the web is able to gather the necessary technical knowledge to easily construct IED’s with materials purchased from the local Home Depot and Radio Shack.

ARC³ can provide detailed information on the design and deployment of the three most commonly used IED’s: Command detonated, underbelly/roadside, and explosively formed penetrators (EFP’s). In the current Iraq/Afghanistan war, 70% of all IED’s are identified by the ‘soldier on the ground’, prior to detonation. Does your major incident planning incorporate the possible threat of a primary IED event, or even the possibility of secondary IED’s?

Responding to IED threat

ARC³ can provide both classified and unclassified briefing and training on the current state of IED design, construction and deployment, as well as assist agency commanders in developing the best possible response plans to mitigate the potential of this threat.

Equipment & Tactical

Equipment & Tactical gear

Maintaining extensive relationships and industry contacts is essential to our business success. This, combined with our background, knowledge and experience allow us to examine customer requirements and make suitable equipment selection recommendations. We commonly examine missions, select appropriate equipment and tactical components, acquire the components, and train the customer in their effective utilization.

We offer an unbiased and experience-based assessment of the quality and utility of a wide range of tactical products and can provide a ‘turn key’ solution to improving tactical capabilities.

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